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Teresa Klasener

Teresa Klasener

I help clients who are feeling uncertain with their direction, to recalibrate and relaunch with vision, clarity and renewed peace of mind.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2017

Areas of Expertise


"I am ever so grateful to Teresa for all the amazing coaching these past months. I have found it invaluable lately for helping me with my communication with my three sisters regarding supporting our ill and elderly mother. I have been paying attention to the way Teresa skillfully asks questions to get to the heart of the matter."

Erin, using coaching to support her learning

"Oh, what can I say about Teresa? There is a reason she was TechPixies Coach of the Year in 2020. She changes lives. Her patience and insight is invaluable. Her experience and love of people and their transformation is infectious." ​

Joy Foster, TechPixies founder

"I worked with Teresa when I was trying to work through what to do next. Her style was relaxed, engaging, yet challenging and it didn’t take long to help break me out of the box I had put myself in for so long. Thank you."

Kate, wanting to rethink her career options

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Personal & Business Coaching Diploma, Barefoot Coaching awarded and verified by ICF

    Professional Background

    I have a career of three thirds!

    The first third I worked for large corporates with big reputations, like Virgin Group, IBM, Fitch Design and NTL. I enjoyed roles ranging from personal assistant and marketing support to enhanced TV production.

    And yet in my quest for autonomy and creativity, I returned to university as a mature student, after which, I set up my own video production business, making films for, initially, government sports agencies and the British Paralympic Association, and then winning other clients in the world of science and advertising.

    In all of those sectors, I landed in times of significant change. At IBM, I was working with the very first email and internet computer systems (we are talking early 1980s! In my production career, I saw the transition from analogue to digital which in many cases is still evolving today.

    I guess all this points to my propensity to opt for roles where I could welcome change, see what’s ahead and rise to the challenge. Career highlights for me were leading a team to make films at the Barcelona and Atlanta Paralympic Games, showcasing UK athletes to the media. And then in 2012, I was commissioned to showcase the very best of London’s businesses during the incredible London Olympic Games, to an international audience.

    There’s nothing I love more than a project, building teams and getting really creative with what’s possible.   And I understand fully that, in everything I have done, and those that I’ve worked with, everything comes down to relationships. That’s either with ourselves, or others. With hindsight, I can see that in every single one of my roles, the glue that kept me there and interested was the connection and communication I had with managers, teams and clients alike.

    It laid the groundwork for what was to become the next part of my career story…

    What drew you to coaching?

    I became a coach because it was a natural career progression. Having identified my strengths in enabling people to feel connected, comfortable and understood, I knew with a certainty that I wanted to amplify these skills even more.

    I went the accredited route of studying for a Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching, which included a mix of psychological theories from transactional analysis to Jungian to neuroscience, all encased in strong ethical coaching values from the ICF.

    I have to say, I am obsessed with neuroscience and laced through my coaching is a nod to what makes us tick from a basic biological perspective. My own personal values of integrity, connection and autonomy are mirrored in the space I provide for my clients.

    I one thousand percent believe in people, and through hundreds of hours of coaching, I know that when clients are properly heard, in a safe, non-judgmental space, their ability to connect with their own answers is immensely powerful. It is this alone that gives me confidence in coaching as a personal and professional development tool and in my ability to hold that space for the magic to happen.

    My clients describe me grounded, sincere, warm, insightful and fun.

    Fee Structure

    1:1 including free 15 min chemistry session

    • 1 hour (one off): £199

    • 3 hour package: £555

    • 6 hour package: £999

    Group Coaching including 1 hour preparation

    • 2 – 6 people: £100 per person

    • 6 – 12 people: £65 per person

    • bigger groups: POR

    Masterclass including 3 hours preparation

    • 60-90 minutes: £499

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