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Shannon MacDonald

Shannon MacDonald

I support women in reaching their full potential by working together to clarify what they want, build confidence and unlock resources within to make transformational changes in life and career.

Location: Dubai

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


"The one word that comes to mind as a result of my coaching sessions with Shannon is 'clarity'. She encouraged me to challenge the assumptions I had made about myself and to believe I could do more than I thought. This helped quiet my critical inner voice and allowed me to see through the fog. The small changes I've made have had a huge impact and I'm so thankful to Shannon for leading me through this process. She encouraged me to dig deep to figure out what I really wanted and to believe I could make it happen. Her open and encouraging personality put me at ease right away. When we began our sessions I was in a position of confusion with negative thoughts and doubts in my head. Now I'm moving forward with our plan and am excited for the next chapter of my life."

Sarah, returning to work after extended maternity leave

"One of the most striking attributes of Shannon is that she makes you feel warmly welcomed, by being all ears to the conversation. Her soothing persona eradicates every fear of judgement and makes you feel that you are accepted unconditionally. I strongly recommend Shannon and I believe that coaching with her will help people in rediscovering themselves."

Sadia, psychologist and mother, reassessing career goals

"I have what I would call introverted tendencies and was hesitant about taking on a new role at work. Shannon worked with me to reframe my thoughts into something productive and insightful. I was able to articulate my strengths for the first time in my life. She saw the best in me and helped me to see it for myself. She helped me to build confidence and I left every conversation feeling energised and excited to take the next steps. Her positive attitude is contagious. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone looking for clarity and direction."

Jenn, finance professional

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • CPC (Certified Professional Coach) - Coach Transformation Academy

    Professional Background

    I began my career as a lawyer in Canada, working as a litigation attorney. Now a serial expat, I’ve lived and worked in five countries over the past decade. Relocating so frequently and being a parent in a foreign country has required ongoing career reinvention.

    Throughout my expat journey, I’ve worked as a fundraising manager for a national charity in Scotland, a training consultant designing and delivering courses to legal professionals in France, and even started a small business making educational activity boxes for babies and toddlers in Dubai.

    One might say I have an “eclectic” CV and I wouldn’t disagree! The reason behind the constant relocation is my husband’s job, and every time we’ve moved I’ve had the opportunity to re-evaluate my priorities and career options. This has made me realise what I’ve enjoyed most in all the jobs I’ve had is connecting with people. It’s what energises me and makes me feel like I’m in my element. Whether it was my pro-bono legal work, planning and strategising with volunteers, watching my students reach their potential, or receiving feedback that my activity boxes have helped mums connect with their children, it was always the human aspect that made me feel like my career had purpose.

    Now that I’m settled in Dubai and not planning to leave anytime soon, I’ve set up my coaching business and am excited to use my experience and training to work with women to navigate the hurdles that prevent them from living their most fulfilled lives.

    What drew you to coaching?

    What drew me to coaching is the conversations I’ve had with other mums (in my case, often expat mums) who are feeling lost or stuck, whether that be in their personal or professional life. It was easy for me to see their potential, transferable skills, and unique value, yet difficult for them to see it themselves.

    I decided to take a coaching course to understand more about how to effectively process these conversations and communicate the potential improvements I saw into a more structured action plan. The coaching process resonated with me and made me feel like I was on the right path. I love how coaching can uncover a person’s potential and help them make positive, permanent change. I feel privileged to witness this journey of self-discovery and growth in others and to be able to use my training as a coach to facilitate the process.

    I work with women who are seeking a career change, having issues in the workplace, returning to work after a career gap, or adjusting to the challenges of expat life.

    My favourite part of coaching is the “aha!” moment when a client lights up with a deeper understanding of themselves. We all have huge potential within us, and I love working with clients to bring this to the surface.

    My coaching style is supportive, light-hearted and encouraging. I will help you to identify your motivations, values and skills and put a plan into action.

    Fee Structure

    My hourly rate is £125 per session.

    I like to provide bespoke packages tailored to the client’s individual needs.

    A 20-minute compatibility call is always free of charge.

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