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Sarah Taylor Phillips

Sarah Taylor Phillips

I help mid-life women find a new role, get promoted, work more flexibly, get a pay rise, secure an assignment, reduce burnout, keep well and love life.

Location: Gloucestershire

Year Qualified: 2009

Areas of Expertise


Career Voyage really opened my eyes to the power social media and LinkedIn in particular. After some excellent guidance on profile structure & content, I put my newly crafted LinkedIn profile up on Sunday evening and was headhunted by the Group HR Director of a large multinational company at 10.00 a.m. the next morning. Now that is a result! Having had no approaches prior to updating my profile I have subsequently had 3 others, giving me a much better appreciation of the career opportunities that exist outside of my current organisation.

ER Senior Manager, Multinational

Career Voyage transformed my CV and it helped me secure a new role. My LinkedIn profile was updated and I was forced to contact old managers and colleagues which resulted in me getting LinkedIn recommendations – just before some of my most important interviews, this gave me renewed confidence too. My moral and self-belief were improved greatly, the personality exercises and 360 review together with your positive and encouraging approach lifted me when I needed it. The career review led me to positively reassess all my relevant career activities which helped a great deal when I was preparing for interview. The insights into the world of recruitment gave me a better understanding of what I needed to be doing. And now I see this as an ongoing activity, my career should be something I maintain and review even now that I am in work – I still need to invest in my career to give me the best chance for future success. You were a major contribution to my successful interviews and I was interviewed on the basis of my updated CV.

MT Director Multinational

I’m fabulous at helping others with their branding and presentation; however, I’m not good at selling myself and decided to outsource this to a professional. I wanted to recreate my LinkedIn Profile to give me a competitive edge, find my voice and my positioning, and increase my confidence. Until I worked with Career Voyage, I had zero LinkedIn presence, so from where I was to where I am now is a massive jump. Having a third party walk through my career journey and articulate it compellingly boosted my confidence and helped me see my accomplishments through someone else’s eyes. It came at the right time to really take my career to the next level. Within a year of focusing on brand me, I’d tripled my income. Career Voyage helped me understand where I’d come from and where I could be heading with the right focus and strategies. Until that point, I had no clarity of direction. I just floated wherever the wind was blowing, but Career Voyage gave me the rudder, steering wheel, and compass!

ME Entrapreneur

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    Coaching Qualifications

    Professional Background

    I started my career in brand marketing. I did a marketing degree and worked the Clover, Quorn and Mum deodorants brands managing the whole marketing mix including TV campaigns and £ multimillion budgets.

    I travelled for a year in my mid 20s and after that worked on an interim basis in marketing on Clover again and then I career switched and went to work for the Lloyd Group head-hunters. We were retained by Mars and McKinsey and had the best marketers. I was bought in to start-up the interim business, but that didn’t happen so I left and went to work on Quorn on an interim basis and launched the brand into Europe.

    I was made permanent, after a couple of years, it felt like time to move again and I had another stint on Clover as an interim business manager (3rd time). In that time, many people called me up and asked for an interim marketer just like me, I directed them to other companies.

    In the mid 1990s, I co-founded Interim Marketing & Management, it was right time, right place and we changed the world of marketing forever. We placed interim managers at an average of £500 / day and we launched into the HR arena too. Our company grew from scratch to £5.5m per annum and achieved our dream of getting more flexibility into the marketing function and changing the age profile of marketers.

    After 6 years’ we exited the business, and I took some time out and had my children late in life. When my daughter was born, I wanted to work flexibly in a work / life I loved so Career Voyage was created. At Career Voyage we help businesses attract, acquire, onboard, engage, retain, retrain and transition their employees. And we help individuals get hired in a role they love. Getting hired could mean as a freelancer, within your own start up or for an employer. In a role they love, means great wellbeing and even if you don’t love your job, it can facilitate your amazing life.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Brand marketing is in my DNA, so I can help you market yourself brilliantly. In our interim business, we were helping interim managers secure assignments for £500 / day and upwards, the difference between an interim earning £500 / day and £750 / day was personal branding and their branding proposition.
    I love what people do for a living – it is part of who they are and part of their story. I can see potential in everyone which makes for a great recruiter and career coach because I am able to help you understand what value you can bring to the workplace party and the type of work you would be suited to. I’m also good at seeing where there is a great fit and a work opportunity, even if it is not immediately apparent to either party.
    I have developed a framework which helps you navigate the overwhelm of finding your new work life. The framework is underpinned by personal branding, mindset magic and resilience and I’ll keep you company on the job search journey, I’ll keep you ahead of the job search crowd and I’ll give you some quick wins which will get you to your destination more quickly.
    I love it when clients have completed DISCOVER phase and the Brand You compass output is a real game changer in terms of clarity and confidence. After completing the EXPLORE phase, we give you a route map and you’ll have clarity about your destination.

    Fee Structure

    Be Inspired Get Hired Online Course £350
    Personalised Coaching £500
    2 x 1.5 hours
    Online Content
    Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile £350
    Face to Face Coaching Career Voyage Framework £2000

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