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Sarah Bramall

Sarah Bramall

Supporting women to gain clarity about what they want, overcome overwhelm and build the confidence to achieve it

Location: Hertfordshire

Year Qualified: 2017

Areas of Expertise


"I was feeling unconfident in my role at work and in my decisions – this was leading me to feel like I was not suited to my job anymore. I now understand what my strengths are, what I have to offer in my role at work and to understand everyone is different and we all bring something new to the table. I need to focus on my strengths that I offer, and be clear with my team about what those are and remember to ask for help and collaboration in the areas I feel less strong. This understanding makes me feel more confident and settled in my work."

Helen, returning to corporate role after her second child

"My sessions with Sarah really helped me to see through the fog, and focus clearly on what I wanted to change in my life. She helped me to answer questions that I had been avoiding thinking about. Each session was focused on a different area and really got me thinking. She helped me to navigate through all the hurdles that I thought were in my way. Working with Sarah was undoubtedly the catalyst for me to make the changes that I had only dreamed of before. Now, a year later, my life looks very different, I am much happier, feel ‘free-er’ and haven’t looked back once."

Harriet, transitioning from financial services to self-employment

"I was struggling to balance work and family life when I decided to book on Sarah's coaching programme. Generally, I felt like I was juggling too many balls and just doing everything badly! I also made very little time to look at my own needs. Each session uncovered some great insights that directed me to clear options of finding balance in both areas. It also guided me to carve out more time for myself and to tap into my creativity and continue to nurture myself as well."

Cathy, business owner and mother of two

Areas of Expertise

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, The Coaching Academy, 2017
    • Diploma in Coaching Within Education, The Coaching Academy, 2017
    • DISC Personality Profiling, The Coaching Academy, 2018
    • NLP Practitioner Programme, The Coaching Academy, 2020
    • CPD Accreditations: Confidence Coaching, Transactional Analysis, Resilience Coaching, 2017-2018
    • Coach Trainer: Personal Performance Diploma and Career Niche CPD, The Coaching Academy, 2021

    Professional Background

    I have a professional background in secondary education and taught English, media and drama to 11-19 year olds for 18 years.

    As a leader of the staff development team, I was responsible for the coaching, mentoring and professional development of trainee and new teachers, and supporting good teachers to be outstanding.

    As a sixth form tutor, I supported students in connecting with their strengths, sense of purpose and creating a path for the future.

    In the later stages of my teaching career, I worked to create a coaching culture in which a coaching philosophy underpinned communication from student learning through to senior leadership.

    My purpose is, and has always been, to help others to see their potential, to build self-belief and to take action towards their goals.

    After having each of my three children, I returned to three different schools. I was taken aback by the lack of support, change of status and by my loss of confidence. This experience has motivated me to support other women.

    I now offer 1:1 coaching; run a coaching membership, The Coaching Catalysts and I am delighted to work as a trainer for The Coaching Academy, delivering training in Personal Performance and Career Niche.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I’ve been where you are. I was good at my job but, on returning from maternity leave, I felt frustrated. I looked at the path ahead and didn’t see myself stepping into the shoes of those above me. I saw colleagues burn out, sacrifice their health and succumb to cynicism. I knew this was no longer for me.

    It was at this point I had my lightbulb moment and was blessed by discovering coaching.

    But, I let limiting beliefs hold me back:

    “I’ll never be good enough.”

    “I’ll never make this work.”

    It wasn’t easy but I started to work on myself every single day. I enlisted the help of a coach who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. With help and support and the growing belief within myself, I started to silence my inner critic, made a career change and built a coaching business.

    Now, five years later, I am incredibly fortunate to support my clients in getting really clear on what they want: whether that’s returning to work or making a career change; to build the confidence and self-belief to make the changes they desire and to truly live life on their terms.

    My super power is to help you connect with what lights you up and to make it happen.

    I work with individuals who are returning to work, seeking a career change or in leadership positions. I also support organisations in supporting their female leaders to thrive in a range of contexts, including education, the NHS, banking and construction.

    Fee Structure

    • 90 Minute Strategy Session £197 (£247 including DISC Personality Profile)

    • Group Coaching from £797

    • Bespoke 1:1 Coaching from £1,297

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