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Sam Rudd

Sam Rudd

I am a Transformative Coach working with heart-led Creatives, Media Leaders + Female Entrepreneurs to gain clarity; maximise performance + career success to live a more balanced authentic values-led life.

Location: Oxfordshire

Year Qualified: 2020

Areas of Expertise


From our first session, Sam's coaching led to clear insights that really helped me see with greater clarity what I wanted out of my career transition and what I needed to do to move forward. Sam's experience of working in media, running her own company along with her impressive problem solving skills and intuition make her unique in her field. She is a brilliant co-strategist & cheerleader whose compassion and lightness of touch also make her a joy to work with. Many of the insights I gained during the sessions are life changing and transformative.

Kate - Executive Producer TV Drama

Sam was a huge help for me at a time when I desperately needed guidance in my career. She helped me view things in a completely different light and transformed my outlook which was stuck in a rut of negativity. Not only did she help me feel a lot calmer, positive and confident, Sam also worked her magic and quite literally helped me bag my ideal job! Sam is wonderful and gave me incredible coping mechanisms, advice and techniques I’ll continue to practice and remember for life. I highly highly recommend!

Elizabeth - TV Production

At a crossroads in my career I had a few ideas about ‘next steps’ but was struggling to find a focus and direction. Sam not only helped me with my choices but with ideas how to progress them. She is brimming with energy, dynamism and creativity. Notably there is an ease about Sam: I felt very comfortable discussing things that could have easily been awkward. Thank you Sam.

JK - Director

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    Coaching Qualifications


    Professional Background

    For 20+ years I enjoyed my job as an Executive Producer, Senior Talent Agent and Business owner. I collaborated with luxury fashion + lifestyle brands; advertising + marketing agencies and TV Networks to produce global stills and motion advertising campaigns.
    My role as Producer and Talent agent required a wide skills set and included casting and negotiation of Artist/ Talent / model fees and usage buyouts, project contract negotiation, handling large global productions in multiple worldwide locations with multiple currency budgets; art buying; working under pressure to production deadlines; portfolio and diary management; location scouting; project management with the aim of producing seamless shoots on time and on budget. I also needed a strong creative aesthetic, grounded practicality, innovative problem solving approach plus a real interest in and understanding of people.
    As the connection between the Client, Artist, Talent and crew is the key to a successful shoot, people were at the heart of my productions. I thrived on working with a diverse range of different personalities, ensuring each person had the best working environment possible, so they could be inspired to be their best regardless of the circumstances.
    I loved the alchemy of working in a team with key stakeholders and creative partners whilst combining my organisation skills to navigate fast paced and changing creative environments. Being part of the creative process was exciting and rewarding. The end results were often beautiful and iconic images that appeared on billboards, in magazines and books around the world.
    As a business owner I enjoyed the sense of being a master of my own destiny and the empowerment of autonomy. I found the flexibility of running my own business invaluable when I became a mother. It allowed me to be present for them at key times as they got older. My inner creativity fused together with all the different attributes I needed to be a successful Producer and meant that I loved producing for many years.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Everything changed when I realised that ‘inside me’ – my thoughts, inner feelings and values didn’t align with ‘outside me ‘ that I presented to the world. There was a sudden collapse of all my beliefs and all the should’s, and ought to’s disappeared with my subconscious blinkered viewpoints.
    It was an unexpected and delightful revelation that I could be ‘inside me’. You know that scene from the film The Sound of Music – when Julie Andrews sings “The Hills are Alive”? It perfectly depicts how my heart feels having let go of defensive life long reactive ‘outside me’ misunderstandings. Feeling full from the essence of life, embracing expansion, freedom, infinite possibility, adventure, love, creative expression and connection.
    And how does this show up in my coaching? We all have innate wisdom and inner resources. Rediscovering these gems within us and living from this grounded inside out perspective allows us to co-create a life of our dreams. Whatever that looks like for you.
    Clients have gained clarity on what they wish for in their job and then bagged that perfect job. Some want to progress in their careers. By gaining increased self-awareness of their capabilities and successes, become empowered to step into new expansive roles. Others want to re-connect with their needs since becoming mothers. They have re-created a mix of sovereignty, inner harmony and a greater capacity to embrace a healthy life x work balance.
    And the best bit – it’s all there within us ready to shine.

    Fee Structure

    I offer the following coaching packages for 1:1 sessions online:
    6 x 90 minute sessions over 3 months – £1000
    12 x 90 minute sessions over 6 months – £2000
    I am happy to discuss bespoke packages including intensive half day experiences.