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Ruth Richards

Ruth Richards

Executive coach working with leaders who want to feel calm, confident and in control.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2020

Areas of Expertise


"I started working with Ruth during a period of transition within my career. Through her calm, empathetic, communication style and expert knowledge as a coach, she was quickly able to help me understand the underlying drivers behind my insecurities and we worked together to set achievable goals for where I wanted to be. The insight into my behaviours and actions Ruth has given me have allowed me to overcome the obstacles I was putting in front of myself, and I’m now far more equipped to manage even my most challenging situations."

HD, director, private sector

"As a coach, Ruth embodies all of the qualities you would want and more - she is astute, emotionally intelligent, engaging and thoughtful with a great sense of humour. From our initial 'chemistry' session, Ruth was able to ascertain very quickly the most important themes of focus for me, and we split our sessions accordingly based on these themes. Each session was an eye-opener for me. Ruth created a safe space which enabled me to explore and delve deeply into areas that helped me open up my perspective and made me challenge my beliefs about certain things. I have since been able to use my reflections to make tangible changes for the better. I can not recommend Ruth highly enough!"

SK, senior manager, public sector

"I highly recommend Ruth as a coach, having recently worked with her for a number of coaching sessions on personal development. I found Ruth’s coaching style to be engaging, thoughtful and insightful. I appreciated her attentive and active listening, and her thought-provoking questions. She also drew upon and shared a range of resources that I could reflect on between sessions, including articles, videos and podcasts. Ruth made me feel safe, supported and has given me insight that will continue to help me far beyond our sessions. Thank you!"

SL, director, charity sector

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Post-Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching (Barefoot Coaching and University of Chester)
    • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation

    Professional Background

    I specialise in working with senior and developing leaders who want to feel calm, confident and in control.
    Whether it’s settling into a new role, managing stakeholders, profile-building, advocating for your team, or simply making more of an impact, I work with you to develop confidence, lean into your strengths and become an authentic leader.

    I worked in the charity sector for 17 years, in a range of senior marketing and communications roles, including at executive director level. I enjoyed working with lots of different stakeholders, managing complex projects and leading large teams. I use that experience to inform my coaching, and often work with people in marketing and communications roles.

    What drew you to coaching?

    My favourite part of my job was always working with others to develop their skills, and I did some ‘Coaching as a Manager’ training in my career which changed the way I worked entirely. I’ve always been fascinated by what makes us tick, and how we make the most of the life we have. So, after I had my second child I decided to take the leap and retrain as a professional coach and start my own business.

    Now I get to work with a wide variety of fantastic people, supporting them to explore their challenges and meet their potential. It’s incredibly rewarding.

    My coaching style is open, positive and down to earth. I draw on a broad range of coaching theory, with a lot of my work rooted in positive psychology. I’m interested in identifying what makes each individual unique, and then exploring how that shapes and drives our work and lives.

    I am also trained in CBT and NLP techniques, and use these to explore the limiting beliefs and ‘rules’ we set that can hold us back.

    I use a range of coaching tools, designed to prompt different ways of thinking. These might involve looking at theoretical models, working visually, or moving around – I always discuss in advance with the coachee how they want to work and respond to their preferences. That ability to truly focus on what works for an individual is what, I think, makes coaching so special.

    Fee Structure

    For individual clients:

    • £175 for a 90-minute session

    • £450 for three sessions over three months

    • £750 for six sessions over six months

    Group coaching programme for marketing and comms professionals:

    • £400 for six months (two hours per month)

    If you would like sessions of a different length or more frequently, please contact me to discuss.

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