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Priya Mohal

Priya Mohal

I’m here to coach South Asian women to move past cultural conditioning to create the life, career or business that inspires them.

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


"The experience of coaching was so refreshing! It was great to talk to Priya, who was a calm and logical influence on me. She really helped to steer the conversations in a direct and productive way to ensure the best results. Priya has been a calm, supportive and positive coach who has taught me to really focus on the things that matter and have the most impact. She has made me believe in myself and set manageable goals whilst reminding me of how I can achieve those goals. I will really miss our sessions. Thank you for all of your support!"

Kiran, career coaching in her teaching job and work-life balance

"Coaching with Priya has been monumental in growing my business. Our well-structured thought-provoking sessions have proved invaluable. Priya listens without judgment and asks questions that have brought about awareness to situations I wouldn’t have been able to find myself. One of the most useful tools that she’s given me is a connection to my core values and beliefs. Every time I got lost, she was able to re-connect me and get me to understand the reason and drivers behind what I’m doing. Being accountable also helped me raise my game as it was a confidence boost to demonstrate to her that I did what I committed to. Her calm and sweet manner has allowed me to open up and trust her completely."

Veena, starting her new business

"I really enjoyed and achieved a huge amount out of my coaching sessions with Priya. She is a calm methodical coach. She brought a huge amount of experience from working in the corporate world in understanding the stresses and concerns of what is needed to start a business, career change, etc. Priya helped me to have the clarity and confidence in moving forward towards my long-term goal of making a career change and I always looked forward to our sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others for coaching."

Sarah, managing a career whilst setting up a new business

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    Coaching Qualifications

    Professional Background

    I began my career on a Corporate Graduate Scheme with Lloyds Bank, working in various departments and eventually managing my own portfolio of clients and supporting them with debt and transactional banking facilities. I enjoyed speaking to my clients and building relationships to support them. I also analysed their company information, accounts, and their strategies for growth and debt repayment to facilitate new lending.

    This professional experience helped to build my confidence but I always felt I had an internal battle with myself, to put myself forward, to be seen and I’ve recognised this is part of my cultural conditioning, where I was taught not to speak up in front of elders or men but to please other people.

    I therefore initially found meetings very intimidating and it took years for me to become comfortable in speaking to a room full of people and doing sales presentations, especially as I was often the only female and the only ethnic minority in a room.

    I want South Asian women to feel supported and understood, so they can self-reflect and move past what we have seen growing up to consciously develop successful career paths by having the confidence and clarity to move forward.

    Whether you want to create a more balanced, healthier life, step-up in your career or develop a business you feel passionate about, I will support you to get there.

    What drew you to coaching?

    As a South Asian woman, I know that we have been taught and have seen a lot of things growing up that we have viewed as normal until we have to face up to them in our own lives and it has stopped us in our tracks.

    For me, this came after having kids and leaving my corporate job; my identity took a big hit and I did everything I needed to do around my family but forgot myself in the process. It gave me time to reflect on how I got to this stage.

    The cultural conditioning we have gone through can and does make us feel that we are second to others in our own lives. Most of us were not celebrated at birth the same way that boys are. We are told that marriage and kids are the main expectations of our lives at a young age, and many of us put our career and business ambitions on hold to be there for our families.

    There are generations of South Asian women that were told to stay in the background, to be quiet and supportive of those around them.

    I can see such a big need for us as South Asian women to self-reflect, discover what is really important to us and create a life we feel proud of in line with our own values. We should be dreaming bigger, taking up space, and being at the forefront of our own lives.

    Fee Structure

    Bespoke 1:1 coaching packages include an intake session, six coaching sessions, DISC Personality Report, and a post-coaching review session.

    • For career coaching, the package starts at £825.

    • For business coaching, the package starts at £995 (price will depend on the size and complexity of the business).

    • Single 90-minute strategy sessions from £120.

    • Individual DISC Personality profile with 30 minute review from £97.

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