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Oriel Camp

Oriel Camp

I help busy, stuck mums to reconnect with what is important to them so they can make a confident career change and feel fulfilled.

Location: Cheshire

Year Qualified: 2016

Areas of Expertise


"When I came to career coaching, I felt like a butterfly trapped on the inside of a window. I was demoralised, stressed, tired and didn’t know where to start. I was also impatient for change. I can now see what is possible for me. If I drive the right conversations, I can influence and find new opportunities to develop and grow. I need to be in the right mindset. I have gone from self-critical to taking control (in the right way) and am able to step out of the situation and see it from the outside. I am calm now and have created space. I know what I want from my career and am owning my own journey! I just found out this morning that I have a new job!"

Lisa, mum of two, banking

"Coaching has been a regular touchpoint and time to discuss me/ what I want and not to go off track and lose focus due to day to day demands. I'm now looking forward to a new job and am thankful for family time. I got a job in an arena I wanted with a better commute time, with better balance by the actual month we talked about! It was a successful experience for me. I would definitely recommend working with Oriel. She has the balance of understanding the senior career aspect with the mum aspect which can be quite hard sometimes."

Sue, mum of two, accounting

"Personality profiling was a game changer for me. I have struggled with low confidence and self esteem after having it drummed into me for years that I'm too quiet or too slow, and struggling to understand why I just didn’t seem to 'get on' with certain people, but after having the profiling done with Oriel, I completely changed my way of thinking. It made me understand and realise why I behave the way I do and that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It gave me the confidence to use my personality to my advantage and recognise where I need to work harder where it holds me back. I found the whole process fascinating and having Oriel to take me through it and coach and encourage me was brilliant. Thank you so much!"

Anna, graphic designer

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Personal Performance Coaching Diploma (Distinction) - The Coaching Academy, 2016
    • DISC Personality Profiling Accreditation - The Coaching Academy, 2017
    • Corporate and Executive Coaching Diploma (Distinction) - The Coaching Academy, 2019
    • CPD - Confidence, Resilience and Reinvention

    Professional Background

    Working within the public and private sector, I have 20 years’ experience of strategy, performance, policy, research and organisational development.

    I started my career as a council housing officer, empowering tenants to sustain their tenancies and supporting local communities. In fact, throughout my entire career, I have been privileged to help others to achieve their potential.

    As I moved from role to role and climbed the ladder, I was harbouring a little seed of doubt, which just kept growing. Driven and career-orientated, my career had become all-consuming with national travel and/ or long hours. In my last post as Deputy Director of Standards and Innovation and with my son being just 18 months old, I started preparing for my next big move… the one I had been working up to. I remember as clear as day, interviewing for a director position and squirming inside as I realised that this was not actually what I wanted any more!

    I’d worked hard to get to where I was but didn’t want to stay within the housing sector until retirement. I was ready for a new challenge and one that was better aligned to who I was now. The problem was I knew what I didn’t want but not what I did and felt completely stuck and direction-less. I wonder whether this resonates with you…

    Being blessed with my first child was the catalyst for real and positive change!

    What drew you to coaching?

    Leaving my son each morning at nursery was a real wrench and interviewing for a director role prompted me to press the pause button. I challenged myself (with the support of a coach) to look at my WHY and the things that were now important to me (my values).

    Supporting, challenging and empowering others to accomplish their goals has always been integral to my work, whether that be with tenants, executives, senior managers or team members. I loved delivering training, facilitating focus groups and having powerful 1:1 conversations. I also realised that I used to look on enviously at the training and development consultants who came into the organisations where I worked and experienced a strong sense of envy. And so the lightbulb moment came – I wanted to focus solely on coaching!

    With a clarity of mind and a burning passion, along with a well-timed redundancy, I started training with The Coaching Academy whilst being pregnant with my daughter.

    I’m absolutely passionate about helping mums not just to shoe-horn more in but to get more out of life and work. I relate to the challenges of motherhood and am obsessed with helping mums who are wearing so many hats to keep one for themselves.

    My clients are all so unique and inspiring and there is nothing better than seeing them flourish both in terms of their career and their growth mindset.

    Fee Structure

    • Career Change Academy – 12 week group coaching program @ special launch price of £660

    • VIP 1:1 Career Change Catalyst (Personality Profiling, Coaching and Accountability check-ins) – 5 months @ £1,500

    • Payment plans available

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