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Nisha Aubeeluck

Nisha Aubeeluck

I specialise in helping my clients go from feeling lost and stuck, to thriving in a job that they love talking about.

Location: Mauritius

Year Qualified: 2020

Areas of Expertise


"Nisha created an environment where I felt empowered to realise my own potential and to get the best out of myself, as opposed to relying on someone else to do that for me which I think is what really differentiated working with Nisha from other coaching resources and materials that I've utilised in the past. She wasn’t afraid to challenge me. She held me to account from day 1 and it was really her no bullshit approach that was actually so refreshing and everything I needed to hear to break through those inner voices that prevented me from exploring alternative career paths. After three weeks, I got a return on my investment in the form of a tangible job offer which I am absolutely thrilled to be starting in the next couple of weeks but I would argue that I walked away with so much more than that from our sessions. I’ve definitely got a clearly defined future pathway by a way of my own development. Not only have I grown professionally, I’ve grown personally as well, as a result of the programme."

Sinead, promotion: HR Partner to Senior HR Partner in different company

"I first reached out to Nisha as I felt my low self-confidence was hindering my progress at work. From that vey first call to where I am now is phenomenal! I signed up for the 'Hype Girl' programme which lasts three months. Nisha really took the time to find out the reasons for my low self-confidence and asked the right questions so that I could unlock the answers myself. Working with Nisha was one of the best self-investment decisions I have ever made. I can already see my confidence has increased and I am less afraid to voice my opinions. During our sessions Nisha provided lots of little tools and exercises that I can use at any time if I feel i need extra help. Thank you, Nisha! You were definitely my hype girl :)"

Jenny, SCRUM Master, signed up to 'HYPE GIRL' Confidence Coaching

"I got to a place where I was feeling really lost and really overwhelmed. I had tried a few things with my career but I didn't really know what to do. Our first session had a massive impact on my mental health. We really took the time to go back to basics and figure out what I was good at and get to know myself better again. I always looked forward to our sessions. At the end of the programme, I felt completely different: focused, motivated and inspired. I couldn't have done this without Nisha. She empowers you, supports you, inspires you and challenges you. She gives you the tools and confidence and focus to better know yourself and what's important to you and how to achieve exactly what you want. It's really been one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made, so if you are thinking of working with Nisha, then I really recommend it."

Laura, career transition: Civil Service Finance & Marketing Officer to Philanthropy & Events Manager at international non-governmental organisation

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Life Coach Certificate (Accredited), The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

    Professional Background

    I have 11 year’s experience working in relationship management roles for organisations such as the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

    I started my career as an investment banker and stayed in the corporate sector for five years before becoming a Philanthropy Manager.

    After two years of working in the charity sector, I managed to turn my coaching business full-time and now coach women across the globe.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I’ve wanted to be a coach ever since my first job at 21 – I just didn’t know how. I’ve always been extremely intrigued and passionate about human behaviour and believe everyone has unlimited potential waiting to be unlocked.

    I started my coaching journey initally as a mentor for ‘The Girl’s Network’ – aimed at teenage girls – and LOVED the transformations, so I then completed my coaching certificate.

    I love being the ultimate ‘Hype Girl’ (named after one of my programmes) for my clients and bringing out their skills and superpowers. There is no better feeling witnessing a woman take control of  every aspect of her life. Not just your job.

    My priority is to help my clients get the best life for them, not just a specific role.

    Fee Structure

    • 6 sessions: £1,495

    • 8 sessions: £1,995

    • 12 sessions: £2,795

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