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Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson

I help female leaders communicate effectively and lead well. As a former Director of Communications, I support you to feel confident and credible in your senior role.

Location: Staffordshire

Year Qualified: 2019

Areas of Expertise


"Louise was a fantastic coach and I found my time with her was of huge value to me both personally and professionally. I’d just started a new senior role and she helped me to reflect on and better understand my leadership style as well as identify areas for improvement and ongoing focus. She created a safe, yet challenging coaching environment, which I thrived on, whilst always taking the time to bring me back to the specifics of my role and how I could develop and grow into it. I found having the dedicated one on one time and space to talk about issues, concerns and opportunities really helped me with leading a growing team. Louise also provided some practical suggestions to improve my performance as a leader and as a result I have grown more confident in my approach and abilities."

Hannah, senior manager, NHS

"Louise becoming my coach came at a very timely moment in my career with my current employer. She has helped me give perspective to the challenges in the workplace and helped me deal with them appropriately. I feel more confident and better prepared for the year ahead (and the challenges that are already coming!)"

Tony, junior director, private sector

"I found Louise’s coaching method supportive and constructive. She was able to guide my thinking around difficult topics and help me plan practical solutions and goals for them. This was my first experience of coaching so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found it incredibly useful and important for my mental wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Louise as a coach."

Kerry, director, health service

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ILM 5 effective coaching and mentoring
    • Nye Bevan healthcare leadership award (included coaching)

    Professional Background

    With a 20 year career in Corporate Communications, and multiple Director roles under my belt, I now work with first time female leaders, supporting them to communicate and lead effectively and giving them the confidence to “take their seat” at the table.

    Prior to becoming a coach, I worked at board level as a Director of Corporate Communications in both the logistics industry and within the NHS, leading these organisations as part of the executive team.

    In these roles I used my expertise to shape and deliver effective communications to multiple audiences and stakeholders, as part of our leadership approach. This included the creation of a robust, credible strategic narrative to articulate the leadership team’s vision and ambitions and the development of a clear and consistent organisational voice to increase trust and inspire confidence.

    Across my career, I’ve always specialised in how leaders can communicate with impact and authenticity, using my expertise in the field to train and coach others on executive presence, messaging and engaging well with others. Leaders can struggle with having “difficult” conversations or with figuring out their own leadership style and way of communicating, and my experience and expertise means I can help you navigate these issues confidently.

    Earlier in my communications career, I worked at leadership level within several public relations agencies, both in the UK and in the US (San Francisco) where I worked with start-ups in the tech world.

    My breadth of experience means I work well with leaders across larger corporates and public sector, as well as faster moving start-ups.

    As a corporate communications professional with board level experience and having worked extensively in both agency and in-house, I can also provide a blend of coaching and communications sector mentoring. In addition, I’m happy to provide executive thought leadership services in addition to my coaching services.

    What drew you to coaching?

    As a first time Director, I was fortunate enough to work with a leadership coach who helped support my first year in post and work through challenges and new situtations that I was facing.

    Through hard won lessons and a commitment to development and coaching (including becoming qualified as a coach myself), I was able to evolve from being a manager to a leader, and a valuable asset and advisor to the Board. It’s because I went through this challenging transition myself that I’m passionate about helping other female leaders thrive in leadership situations.

    I know from experience that appointing leaders based on technical expertise alone means there can be a knowledge and skills gap when it comes to leading effectively across the organisation. So often, I hear from people appointed into leadership for the first time and their first question is “how do I lead well?”

    I work with female leaders to help them answer that question for themselves. I use established and credible coaching models to enable aspiring leaders to identify and create solutions and take ownership of the outcomes they want to shape.

    These outcomes include:

    – Feeling well equipped to succeed and thrive in their leadership roles

    – Feeling confident in the value they add to their organisation and able to take their seat at the leadership table

    – The ability to communicate with impact and authenticity as a leader

    – The clarity to make significant decisions about their life and career

    Fee Structure

    My coaching services are fairly priced for those on their leadership journey and I offer blocks of 3, 6 and 12 sessions. Coaching is an investment in your future and it rewards commitment, so most people find a block of sessions the most helpful in order to work towards their goals.

    Have a look and see if there is something that works for you. Alternatively, let me know your budget and I can create something tailored to your needs.

    Block of 3 sessions: £600

    3 session package over 1.5 months

    Free chemistry call

    Pre-coaching questionnaire

    1x 1.5 hrs

    2x 1 hrs

    Includes email support, learning resources, progress check-in

    Block of 6 sessions: £1150

    6 session package over 3 months

    Free chemistry call

    Pre-coaching questionnaire

    2x 1.5 hrs

    4x 1 hrs

    Includes email support, learning resources, progress check-in x2

    Block of 12 sessions: £2250

    12 session package over 6 months

    Free chemistry call

    Pre-coaching questionnaire

    3x 1.5 hrs

    9x 1 hrs

    Includes email support, learning resources, progress check-in x4

    Email only coaching: £400 per month*

    Incl. 1×30 minute coaching call

    Indicative cost*

    Parameters defined on discussion

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