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Kellie Nedelcoux

Kellie Nedelcoux

Empowering women who are heading off or returning from maternity leave to: regain your sense of self, build your confidence, own your career and balance your life

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2020

Areas of Expertise


Kellie has been a fantastic Coach to me during my entrepreneurial journey! She has helped me through large business changes including a Series A funding round and helped me through stress, burnout, leadership coaching, performance, culture and much more. I can say that Kellie has been instrumental in my journey and always goes above and beyond for me. I cannot thank Kellie enough for all of the support that she has provided me over the last couple of years, it has been truly life changing in making my life better!

JG Founder and CEO of Myndup

Kellie has positively challenged me, opened my mind up to new styles of thinking and approaches and has boosted my confidence through her unique and engaging style. Kellie has made me feel comfortable with being open and honest and not afraid to express my internal fears. With her coaching and support, I have allowed myself to comfortably be outside of my comfort zone, successfully secured a new role and have grown in confidence personally and professionally throughout Kellie's coaching. I will continue to recommend Kellie as a coach - she is wonderful, honest, supportive and great fun to work with! Thank you Kellie!".

SL - Career change

I was initially sceptical about coaching but after going through a tough time at work and being unable to solve it with my old habits I was recommended to Kellie. She has completely changed my mind regarding the value of coaching, so much so that I have recommended it to my peers and many colleagues. Kellie was both supportive and insightful and helped me navigate my career to the next stage. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support to work through the next stage in their career.

DS - Leadership

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Performance Development Coaching Diploma (The Coaching Academy)
    • Corporate and Executive Programme (The Coaching Academy)
    • DISC (The Coaching Academy)
    • MHFA

    Professional Background

    My career has been all about people!

    I’ve spent the past 15+ years in Senior HR roles working very closely with Founders, CEO’s, and Leadership teams to develop and embed effective people strategies aligned to business deliverables.

    My industry experience spans Agency, Media and FMCG from global enterprises to scaling start-ups. I have also lived and worked in the Middle East which gave me a different perspective on working cultures.

    Thinking about culture, communication, wellbeing and talent are some of my expertise areas as well as bringing together leadership teams and developing people.

    Early in my career, I had some coaching which I LOVED: it was life changing and I knew this would be the space I would work in the future.

    When I formally qualified as a coach, I continued to coach senior professionals around career, leadership and personal brand.

    Then when I was pregnant with my daughter, I realised that there was such limited support for women becoming mothers who also want to have a career. Women take giant steps in a short period of time: stepping out of a career you have built to take maternity leave, then the transformational journey of becoming a parent before stepping back to work and the juggle of life. I realised this is where I really wanted to have an impact and make a difference. Enter Career & Parenthood!

    Outside of coaching in this space, I mentor HR professionals, coach CEO’s and consult as a strategic HR Lead.

    What drew you to coaching?

    The thing I love the most about coaching is seeing the transformation in my clients. The lightbulb moment that changes their lives.

    In life I love having something to aim for, and coaching can be that. It’s future focused, about removing the blockers so you can get on with what you really want to be doing.

    My approach is energetic and challenging whilst being supportive. I want my clients to get the most from our time together, I want to see you achieving the things you set out too, and that’s our focus.

    Fee Structure

    My signature programme for women returning to the workplace post maternity leave looks like this:
    4-5 months of dedicated support from me
    6 x 1:1 Coaching sessions
    Tools and Resources to support your journey
    What’s App support outside sessions
    Individual 1:1 session

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