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Henrietta Nelson

Henrietta Nelson

I help women bring their unique genius into the world and create a working life that excites, inspires and energizes them, and leaves the world a better place.

Location: Banbury

Year Qualified: 2017

Areas of Expertise


"I started coaching with Henrietta at a time when I was feeling lost about what I wanted to do next with my career and life direction. I had been at home for a few years with my children after leaving my career as a solicitor and felt very paralysed by the indecision. Henrietta's coaching helped me drill down into what I wanted from work and life, and gave me the courage to make a decision. Having completed the necessary qualification, I have just launched a new career path. Henrietta's balance of empathy and challenge was something I really appreciated. I would recommend Henrietta to anyone who feels they are at a crossroads. Henrietta has lived through the experience of making a big change in career herself, so she can speak truth to the lived experience and help her clients with pursuing their life goals, no matter how big or small."

T Langtry, former solicitor

"Henrietta's coaching has been invaluable to help me work out where I want to focus and grow my business, both from a financial point of view and what nourishes me personally. Since working with Henrietta my work has grown substantially and I would account this to her guidance and the confidence she has given me with pricing, and knowing where I want to go. Juggling work with home life and kids is always a challenge and Henrietta provides fantastic support in how to balance these and enjoy work at the same time as juggling it all! Can't recommend highly enough!"

S Roberts, artist

"I started worked with Henrietta early in 2021. I had been made redundant from a company where I had worked for more than 20 years, had a serious family illness and then lockdown. I was concerned that my age would be a problem and really didn’t know what I wanted to do next. In our sessions we discussed my skills, strengths and values, and worked through what was important to me about how and where I worked. Henrietta pushed me to think differently and widely about my approach to work and to explore those difficult areas I tend to stay away from, but always in a supportive and constructive way. I’ve now started an interesting new job in a different area of financial services. Henrietta always challenged me, which I found inspiring, energising and exciting. She really gave me a strong and supportive platform to think differently and turn my goals and aspirations into a practical, achievable and successful plan. I have already recommended Henrietta to friends and would highly recommend her to others."

Ann, financial services

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (Distinction), The Coaching Academy
    • Certificate in Mindfulfulness for Coaching, Animas

    Professional Background

    I worked in the city as a solicitor specialising in insurance litigation. The law seemed like a good fit for my analytical, curious mind and quite frankly I didn’t have any better ideas of what I might do. My grandfather had been a lawyer and so it seemed like a solid and stable career where I could hone my skills and climb my way up a well-established corporate career ladder.

    There were parts of the job I enjoyed, like drawing out the key strands of a case and the teamwork involved in working with clients and colleagues alike. I built my professional identity around being hard-nosed and combative with the opposition, and conscientious and hard-working in the office.

    Outside of work, I liked the identity being a solicitor gave me – it let people know I was clever and could hold my own in corporate situations.

    But my heart wasn’t really in it. In truth I was building a suit of armour to protect myself from a world that seemed scary and uncertain. The reality was, I did not enjoy conflict and found much of the day-to-day work dry and uninspiring.

    This fell into even sharper focus when I had children; this wasn’t a career I loved enough to make the sacrifices that were necessary to keep me on the upwards trajectory expected of me and by me.

    Despite this, starting again felt scary and uncertain, and I was reluctant to give up on a career that I had worked hard for and supposedly gave me security, self-worth and identity. It took a number of years before I was able to make a clean break and turn my back on the law for good, and I love supporting others on a similar journey.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I know what it is to be in a job that doesn’t fulfill you. It saps at your soul and claws at your confidence. I hate the idea of someone sitting in an office counting down the hours to the weekend, day after day after day, believing they aren’t worthy of something richer, something better.

    When the work that we do is truly aligned to what makes our heart sing, something wonderful happens. A new energy soars through us and we find a courage and a confidence to take actions we never would have thought possible.

    And the best bit is when this magic happens, it filters into every part of your life.

    Some clients come to me already knowing what that calling is, but looking for some help to make it a reality; others simply know that what they are currently doing isn’t it. Together we explore what their vision for the future might look like. We create mini-experiments so they can get a taste of what might be out there; we look at what might be holding them back.

    I believe it is my job to point everyone I work with to the innate wisdom, clarity and creativity that’s already within them, but that they just lost sight of for a while. That is what coaching has done for me, and I love nothing more than pointing others in the same direction so they can live to the fullest, most alive expression of who they truly are.

    Fee Structure

    • 3 months: £995

    • 4 months: £1,280

    • 6 months: £1,860

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