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Gemma Rabbini

Gemma Rabbini

Helping ambitious, intelligent female Heads of Marketing & CX to achieve deep self-belief through impactful 1.1 confidence programmes.

Location: Hertfordshire

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


What an inspiring journey! Gemma has a wonderful way of engaging with her clients and I felt supported, encouraged and engaged throughout the programme and came away with newfound confidence and knowledge to take forward with me. She has such a passion for helping others to develop and grow. I can’t recommend her and the Positive Intelligence Programme enough! If you want to know how to transform your thoughts from destructive to constructive, give her a call!

Sarah, Corporate world escapee, Business owner and mother of two lovely girls (Sarah did my Positive Intelligence programme)

Gemma made me feel really comfortable to share but at the same time, asked some searching questions when the right moment arose. She is extremely down to earth, disarming and very warm. She gave me some excellent practical advice on how I need to use Linkedin to attract the right attention. For me, it was a way to cut through the noise, and I gained a clearer insight into what my strengths are. You rock! :-)

Sumara, Business Development Marketing (Sumara did my Power of You programme)

My coaching sessions with Gemma gave me the time and space to talk through the challenges & frustrations I was experiencing, and identify the steps I needed to take to achieve my goals. She was hugely supportive and pragmatic, gently steering me to recognise the barriers I was erecting for myself. As a result, I'm starting the new year with new employment and feeling re-energised! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend coaching with Gemma for anyone who's feeling stuck in a career rut or confused about the way ahead.

Lucy, Senior PR Manager (and now Business Owner as a result of our work) and mother of two gorgeous children

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Integrative Professional Coaching Diploma (ICF)

    Professional Background

    Hi, I’m Gemma!
    I’m a mum of two young boys living in Hertfordshire. My career was largely spent in the corporate world in Brand, Marketing Communications, Customer Experience Management and CX training for 13 years, commuting into London, doing ‘all the things’.
    Over my career, I have worked with many senior, Marketing / CX women (and been one myself) who are happy and smiling, ever helpful, busy keeping up a positive outlook, looking the part….. but underneath it all, feeling that they weren’t good enough, returning from a career break or other change, struggling with identity; being overlooked for promotions, feeling like an impostor and generally trying to hold it all together hoping no one will notice.
    If you know this life, you’ll recognise it – I worked with ‘always on’ creative and media agencies, often shooting late into the night, keeping up with the Jones, trying to keep my finger on the pulse with ever changing platforms and digital options, managing strong creative differences with copywriters, dealing with internal politics, responding to emails at ALL hours which seemed urgent at the time, training reticent front line teams to improve their CX, managing emotions of TV campaigns etc, convincing people that CX DID have an ROI and that NPS was important! I’ve been there.
    Prior to this, I worked in recruitment – I enjoyed the people but disliked the sales pressure. I loved coaching people for maximum interview impact – mindset, presence and language, reviewing CVs so they really reflect how brilliant the candidate was and ensuring they made the best impression they could.
    During my career I have, with hindsight, always been in the business of ‘impact’. I’m now an ICF qualified Career confidence and impact coach. I’m passionate about working with women to build boundless self-belief and career impact so they can achieve their wildest career goals.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I’ve interviewed lots of brilliant women who didn’t do themselves justice through lack of confidence or who simply couldn’t differentiate themselves from their peers. I’ve also seen women discount themselves from opportunities & self-sabotage because they let their internal voices win. Arghh!!!
    Why’s it so hard, despite working in Marketing/ CX worlds to apply marketing & impact principles to our careers?!
    I love to work with women like YOU (if you’ve got this far down the profile!) on a 1:1 basis. We meet fortnightly for coaching sessions & in the background you build your mental strength through Positive Intelligence mind-training (like a Jedi – it’s amazing) so you’re in control of your thoughts on a daily basis.
    To build up confidence talking about yourself, maybe before interviews, I’ve a self-paced online course called ‘Power of You’. Explore your personal brand, deep dive into your strengths, brand story & how to have maximum impact. To really cement that self-belief & maximise interview success, add this alongside fortnightly coaching.
    Either way, dedicated time every fortnight with someone who’s relentlessly in your corner with self-confidence tools to slay your impostor, so you build the career YOU want.

    Fee Structure

    6 month 1: Leadership coaching programmes for confidence, personal impact and impostor syndrome @ £3,700 (payment plans available)

    Team Personal Branding workshops also available

    My wonderful clients work together with me for at least 6 months (some longer, but never forever – they fly!) and I always do a free discovery call with every potential client – I want to ensure that we’re both a good fit and the programme’s right for you.

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