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Eva Turya

Eva Turya

Expert in meaningful conversations harnessing energy and space for experienced professionals looking to re-ignite and transform their lives and careers. Influenced by positive psychology, existentialism and diversity & inclusion.

Location: Manchester

Year Qualified:

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"Through working with Eva, I went on a journey of discovery and she showed me different angles of approach and challenged and questioned my thinking without telling me what to do, in a very compassionate and open manner. We covered my career, skills, personality, values and meanings through a range of tools and many discussions which not only taught me a lot about myself, but she also helped me to address and deal with frustrations and difficulties I experienced with career change and on a personal level. My life has become a lot calmer and happier having worked with Eva for nine months and I slowly learnt to let go of worries or fears I had but instead to embrace what comes on your path and to go with the flow and continue to trust in myself and my beliefs and values on my path to a new beginning."

C, made redundant and also dealing with an acrimonious divorce - wanted to look at changing career and find a different purpose

"While we made a start, my work situation changed as I was made redundant. Eva took a very flexible approach and we agreed to use this time to review my career path and figure out new possibilities by looking deeper on what are my motivations/ skillsets/ personal dreams, etc. Eva was then working according to my timetables when I was looking for new jobs and helped in every step during my job hunting with precious coaching skills, so I was able to gain clarity of each step. As I look forward to going back to working life, it feels a bit scary at the same time. Eva and I made some initial plans to work on the areas where I felt was my weakness before I start my new job."

L, working in data analysis specialising in marketing and customer insights

"Before I started working with Eva, I didn’t know if I was coming or going. There was no direction. My work life was stagnant. My life now has a new direction and purpose. Coming out of the sessions and realising how simple things could be, things I thought were so complicated, and Eva broke them down for me, demystifying the concepts. What I thought was complex previously now became achievable and within reach. I regained self-belief. I have approached this new job with renewed energy, conviction and focus, thanks to the sessions I had with Eva. And most of all, I now appreciate the role a coach can play in transforming one’s life - I just wish I was exposed to this opportunity sooner."

F, over ten years' experience of project delivery experience

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    Coaching Qualifications

    Professional Background

    I have specialisms in governance, IT business relationship management and change with over two decades working in IT from service operations, service delivery, strategy and change.

    I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy a progressive career, designing and delivering complex IT and business change projects to leverage performance across world-class matrix organisations, such as Centrica, Transport for London, Network Rail, UK National Health Service and Barclays.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I can’t say there was ever one point in my life where I decided I wanted to be a coach. Maybe it was at age 11, when all the neighborhood kids would crowd into the downstairs hallway of our townhouse, coming to me for ‘advice’. Or maybe it was when I began my corporate career, becoming a champion of employee engagement and open communication as I managed and led teams.

    I had been told for years that I should be a life coach. But my imposter syndrome constantly got in the way. Who pays someone for listening? Why is someone like me capable of coaching others? And then I realised it. I was already a coach. I had been coaching since I was in school, though I didn’t realise it at the time, and it was in this space that I felt passionate and purposeful.

    This was who I was meant to be.

    I crushed that limiting mindset, jumping into coaching.

    Now, as an #IamRemarkable facilitator and life/ career coach, I actively encourage women, men and all those who feel under-represented to acknowledge and celebrate their true selves in the workplace and beyond.

    Fee Structure

    • 6 week package + 1 free 20-minute discovery call = £1,500

    • 12 week package + 1 free 20-minute discovery call = £3,000