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Emma Kangis

Emma Kangis

I help my clients to create a path for success that works for them with confidence and ease, whether that be changing career, effectively transitioning into a new role, becoming a more impactful leader or building better relationships/ teams at work.

Location: Kent

Year Qualified: 2012

Areas of Expertise


"When I started my new role, our company culture was changing and we needed to manage concerns and expectations. Members of my team were hardworking but demotivated, and I wanted to manage them in an effective way, assessing my own leadership style. Emma helped me to feel comfortable stepping up and taking responsibility in order to create dynamic, effective team and client relationships. I became a better leader and manager and in turn my team's performance greatly improved, both professionally and commercially."

Sarah, marketing director

"Our industry involves working with different, often large, personalities which makes communication challenging. Emma encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and think about what is key to the success of my team."

Emma, executive director, investment bank

"I saw Emma prior to my return to work whilst on mat leave. I lacked confidence and felt disconnected to that part of my life. Emma was incredible empathetic and non-judgmental. She was very supportive in building my confidence and helped me realise my strengths. Emma is a very warm person and has a lovely way of making you feel at ease. She made my return to work a much easier transition and I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommended her to anyone needing some guidance in their life."

Helen, senior leader, investment broker

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ICF Accredited, ICF
    • Qualified Co-active Coach, Coaches Training Institute
    • BA (Hons) Communication, Linguistics and Psychology
    • Organisational Relationships Systems Coaching - Fundamentals, CRR Global
    • Qualified Team Coach, Global Team Coaching Institute
    • Mental Health First Aider

    Professional Background

    Prior to coaching, I worked in senior business development and partnership roles at director level in companies ranging from disruptors to global corporations, focusing on leading, managing and coaching individuals and teams, project management and enabling colleagues to work together effectively to increase ROI. My clients included O2, BBC, Credit Suisse, Cadbury, Sky, Warner Music, Universal Music, Sony BMG.

    I understand the challenges of fast-paced corporate environments and have navigated promotions and career changes successfully.

    I always enjoyed being part of and leading many different teams and appreciate the cultural conflict/ nuances and varying personalities that arise and the often challenging conversations required. Confidence and resilience were two of the most valuable attributes needed and I have enabled others to harness these key skills and use them in the work environment.

    My career path was certainly not linear and, whilst navigating the twists and turns, I was able to create a balanced, enjoyable working environment and one in which I could thrive. Managing my ‘work’ and ‘home’ identities was an integral part of my work happiness. I can say, hand on heart, that I have always enjoyed every role I have had in my career and I want to enable others to do the same.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I have successfully navigated many career paths, from working in global organisations as a senior leader to being a consultant/ freelancer. I returned to work after two maternity leaves and founded my own business, sharing my knowledge, expertise and time supporting people who want to make some sort of career change or become the leader they aspire to be.

    I’m hugely passionate about supporting people to build upon their success and create a thriving, enjoyable career and space for growth.

    I enjoy enabling clients to realise what drives them, their potential and to overcome professional and personal challenges and make a positive impact at work, and in life in general, creating goals that are realistic and sustainable.

    I bring trust, integrity and challenge to my clients and use proven coaching styles, methods, neuroscience, psychology and tools to make a significant impact. My technique focuses strongly on values, emotional intelligence, drivers and purpose, and I connect with individuals at all levels helping them to acknowledge and utilise their strengths.

    I become as invested in you and your success as you are.

    Fee Structure

    I offer bespoke 1:1 coaching sessions (each session is 90 mins) and also a leadership programme.

    Please contact me for pricing information.

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