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Ellie Yell

Ellie Yell

As a mum of five, coach and entrepreneur, I've had successes, struggles, joy and tears. I support working mums, women and under-represented founders to thrive both personally and professionally.

Location: London, South Wales, Surrey

Year Qualified: 2005

Areas of Expertise


I've been working with Ellie for six weeks now and have already benefited significantly from her coaching and guidance. As I make a big career move from a corporate job to running my own business, it has been invaluable to have her as a thought partner and guide to help me navigate some of the challenges on this journey. Over six weeks, Ellie has supported me to break down my career aims, set clear objectives and build a plan to achieve them. She often asks difficult questions that really get me thinking about what I truly want in life and in business, and this has helped me to better define my goals. With Ellie's experience in growing and running startups, I know she is hugely empathetic to the challenges I am facing. She is particularly adept at helping me to reframe situations and find new ways of looking at problems to guide me towards potential solutions. In a relatively short space of time, Ellie has made a huge impact and I have already seen the benefit of incorporating practices from our sessions into my day-to-day life. I would highly recommend Ellie to anyone looking for life coaching or career coaching - especially entrepreneurs and business owners.

Sam T- Entrepreneur

Working full time and being a mum is really hard! You never feel like you are doing anything very well and always feel really guilty that you are not spending enough time on one thing or another. Coaching with Ellie came at the perfect time as I was struggling to deal with it all. Ellie really helped my get back to remembering what was important to me and what I really want from work. She helped me to recognise that we are not one and the same and supported me to re-prioritise my time and my activities so that I could achieve more of a feeling of balance and also confidence that I was doing really well.

Liz E- Senior leader in financial services and mum of two

Ellie is a fantastic coach. As a female who has ADHD and the challenges that come with it, I felt she was very warm, supportive, patient and asked me exactly the right questions when I needed them. I felt really energised by my goals and like I could really take action around them after having sessions with her. Thank you so much Ellie for giving me the confidence to do things I have been really scared to try.

Jacqui H- In between jobs

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Certified coach from the Association for Coaching
    • MSc with Distinction in Occupational Psychology
    • BSc Psychology

    Professional Background

    I’ve had an extremely varied career to date, combining 20 years of consulting, coaching, start-up and scale-up experience. Once I qualified as an Occupational Psychologist, I worked as a consultant for a global HR consultancy (working in talent, leadership and development) across many sectors and geographies.
    After my first maternity leave I established myself as an independent consultant and coach which was the start of my entrepreneurial chapter! I went on to launch an Ed-tech start up; securing external investment, which I then exited in October 2021.
    Prior to re-establishing my coaching and consulting business in 2022, I worked as part of the senior leadership team in a global Ed-tech ‘Unicorn’. During this time we raised $220m and I built a new function which scaled to 60 people internationally.
    I’m now back to doing what I really love which is coaching professional women, founders and consulting for a wide range of social-impact organisations.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Ever since Psychology A-level (many years ago!) I’ve been relentlessly curious about people, how we can create the conditions to be the best versions of ourselves and help those around us to be the same. Reflecting back, this has been the golden thread throughout my career.
    Despite seeing the value of coaching for others, I never helped myself. I’d successfully navigated being a professional woman with a blended family of five children, a husband working full-time and my own Ed-tech business with 10 employees. Covid, home-schooling, failure to secure further business investment and my husband’s redundancy was the perfect storm for what I now understand to be my ‘burn out’ and rock bottom. If it wasn’t for the support of a coach and acceptance that I wasn’t OK, I don’t know how I would’ve got through that period. Receiving great coaching for the first time changed my life. I want every woman to know and feel equipped and empowered to deal with anything.
    So, if you’re looking for more balance, feeling stuck, not sure how to move forward (or sideways!), feeling near to burn-out, held together with sticky tape, feeling the immense burden of your own and other’s expectations, not sure how to create a step-change in your career or business and looking for a coach who’s not afraid to ask the difficult questions, I’m here for you. I’ll help you to build the confidence you need, minimise your negative self-talk and take ownership of your first next step.

    Fee Structure

    1:1 coaching
    15 min intro session: FREE
    One session (self-funded): £180
    Six sessions (self-funded): £995
    (Other formats are available depending on your needs)
    If you have financial support from your employer or are an employer looking to implement corporate coaching for your staff, please get in touch to discuss a package.

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