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Deanne Logan

Deanne Logan

I will support you to live and work authentically in a way which aligns with your values, through providing you with space to explore your identity, purpose and impact.

Location: Midlands

Year Qualified: 2017

Areas of Expertise


I have been seeing Deanne for life coaching since 2020 and again recently since January 2022. These eight sessions, four in 2020 and four more recently, have been during two phases of big change for me both professionally and personally. Deanne has been instrumental in helping me work through these changes and I have no hesitation in recommending her. She has a professional but warm approach that put me at ease from our first session. This has allowed me to trust in being very open with Deanne, to get the most out of our sessions. She has the ability to listen and go with my flow, judging the sessions when this is needed most, but still bringing clarity and an independent outlet for my meandering thoughts – which I wouldn’t otherwise have. But her flexibility in coaching style, has also provided much structure when required and invaluable tools that I’ve been able to easily action in my every-day life. This has given me a solid framework through which to make changes and I’m certain that I wouldn’t have made these changes without her. She challenges me to look at things differently – there are phrases and questions she has posed that have really stood out and become life altering mantras for me. Thanks again for the sessions and support. It has meant a lot.

DJ - Marketing and PR Director

I had four coaching sessions with Deanne. I didn’t really know what to expect from the sessions, but was made to feel at ease right at the start of the first session with Deanne. She explained very clearly and concisely what her role would be and that there was no right/wrong or expected outcome for the sessions. I met Deanne during what was a very difficult period for me; having to work from home during (and after) lockdown (Covid), my workload and responsibilities were quite overwhelming, there were staffing issues with some of my team members, I was also studying for a Postgraduate degree outside of workhours and my home-situation had somewhat changed due to the Covid-situation. Deciding to link up with Deanne during this period was one of the best decisions I made, although at first I thought I wouldn’t be able to find an hour to spare during such busy times. I’m so glad that I did! Deanne put me at ease, listened to me, gave me really constructive tools to use to help me organise my time and workload. She didn’t judge, but talked to me about different ways I could approach my situation. I am not ashamed to admit that at the start of our journey together, I was completely overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted – and at times quite tearful. As our sessions progressed, I was able to focus more on the important things, using some of the tools that Deanne had provided with me. In our last session, it was very clear that my whole frame of mind and ability to manage my time, role and workload had changed dramatically and was so much more positive. Although I am now in a more senior role, I still use some of the tools the I was provided with, look at some of my notes that I made and think back on our discussions. I have used and shared one tool in particular that Deanne showed me: ‘the tree’, which gives team members the opportunity to give examples of successes (what we’re good at), skills/knowledge, values and purpose. I am extremely grateful for Deanne’s coaching and mentoring – it really helped me so much and improved my capabilities, both personally and as a team leader.

BM - Senior Registry Officer (Higher Education Sector)

Deanne and I worked together for around 6 months in a coaching relationship, meeting every few weeks. The coaching was set up to support me working more effectively with my colleagues within the management team and improve relationships with them. I was constantly being told "no" when trying to influence people within the team and felt undermined. The sessions focused on many different things, how I perceived people, coping mechanisms, DiSC profiling of myself and other team members and how I could use this information to form better relationships and build rapport. The sessions were always held in neutral territory so that I had the opportunity to talk freely without being concerned about who could see or over hear us. We discussed building walls and foundations, setting goals and different things to try. There was feedback on my successes and failures. Deanne was understanding, she is a great listener and would summarise our sessions and keep looping back to achievable objectives. Deanne would also share her experiences with me which I found beneficial and felt honoured that she trusted me enough to share as well. I think coaching is definitely a two way process and the sharing of past experiences made the sessions relatable and not "Alison is the one with the problem". The sessions with Deanne brought real benefit both to my work and home life.

ALD - Fleet Manager (Logistics Sector)

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • CMI Level 5 Award in Coaching and Mentoring
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring - Sheffield Hallam University - distinction

    Professional Background

    I have 16 years experience in leadership and learning and development in retail, new-build housing and in construction/quarrying.
    I started my career at The Body Shop where I learnt incredibly valuable skills running a business, leading a team and developing people. I moved into Learning and Development at this point and never looked back!
    I have focused my learning and development experience on coaching and mentoring in organisations – designing the strategy and implementing this, along with designing and delivering leadership development for all levels. I have a thorough insight into working in both female and make dominated industries and what can come with this, as well as how the corporate world works.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I partner with you to develop a trusting, confidential, exploratory space, where I will listen without judgement, support you to unearth your strengths and challenge you to see things through a different lens.
    Our working relationship is one of openness, vulnerability, safety and collaboration. I will support you to aim for the outcomes you want, at a pace and in the way that supports your needs best.
    I work within the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) code of ethics framework and have regular supervision as part of my own development.
    My work is informed by the practices of Gestalt and Nancy Kline, which means I focus on providing you with a safe space and environment to work in where I can listen, summarise, reflect back language you’ve used and things you’ve said, and ask questions to raise awareness within you.
    My continuous professional development is currently focussed on inclusion, my privilege and coaching in nature.
    I see our relationship as one of equals and and I look forward to building that trust with those who wish to work with me.

    Fee Structure

    Coaching is £150 for 90 minutes or £500 for 4 x 90 min sessions
    I also offer one pro bono session per month and 1 reduced-fee session per month – please message me if you feel like you would benefit from some coaching but perhaps are not in the financial position to do this. I will try to support.

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