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Claire Vivyan Roberts

Claire Vivyan Roberts

Helping you through the challenges of corporate life and beyond, improving health, well-being, resilience and stress levels

Location: Kent

Year Qualified: 2020

Areas of Expertise


"My session with Claire was amazing, full of practical tips that I can put into action immediately. She was able to help sort my jumble of thoughts into logical priorities and had excellent suggestions in approaching problems from a different angle. I appreciated that she also came up with fallbacks so if Plan A doesn’t work, I have a sense of timing of when to move onto Plan B. She was also keen to keep in mind my long-term dream scenario, and find a plan to work towards it. She dealt with my concerns with humour and understanding which led to a frank and wonderful conversation. I feel better about my career than I have done since going off on maternity leave, and more confident."

Genevieve Roberts, marketing director, journalist and author

"Claire is a natural coach. Personable, reflective and pragmatic. Unlike some, she grounds in objectives, really explores what's going on and then why. She's solution focused and pragmatic, so she's able to provide practical, clear and achievable steps after helping navigate through the weeds. In just one session, I felt much better and had a clear plan in place."

Emma Rose Hurst, employee experience director

"Claire is an amazing coach. She is insightful, empathetic and really good at cutting through the tangle of thoughts and getting to the heart of the matter. I went to Claire to help me through returning to a new role after maternity leave and I couldn’t have asked for more. She really understood what I was trying to say and what I needed. She helped me create a plan to help me support myself better and showed me how to take a step back and look a situations from a different and more productive perspective. With her support, I was able to build my confidence more quickly and navigate this tricky period of personal change and growth. I highly recommend Claire’s coaching approach and am so grateful for all her help."

Sarah, communications director, financial services

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • ICF Diploma Integrative Coaching, Become Coaching and Training
    • Registered Corporate Coach™ (RCC™) Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, Business Coaching Academy
    • ICF Advanced Diploma Intergrative Coaching, Become Coaching and Training (completion 2022)
    • CNM Health Coaching Diploma, College of Naturopathic Medicine (completion Jan 2022)

    Professional Background

    After years of navigating corporate politics, nurturing teams and counselling senior leaders, I qualified as a coach in 2020 and now run my own career consultancy. I have worked at some of the biggest companies in the world, most recently as a communications director.

    I combine corporate expertise with an empathetic and robust approach to coaching. I apply knowledge in health, well-being and stress management to executive coaching to offer an holistic experience. I believe that supporting the whole person is the most effective way to achieve your goals sustainably.

    I also offer traditional career coaching and CV writing, to enable you to reimagine your personal brand and career marketing strategy, grow confidence and build your resilience.

    I became a coach after experiencing first-hand the impact coaching had on my career. I love to partner clients to reach their full potential through corporate life and beyond.

    What drew you to coaching?

    I was drawn to coaching after experiencing the power of a good coach partnering with me in my own career, enabling me to make changes to my mindset and performance, and helping me to achieve things I didn’t think, or even know, were possible.

    I wanted to help people, especially women, make their own changes and design their life and career in a way that fulfills them.

    By recently integrating health coaching into my practice, I am able to look at the whole picture and identify professional and personal challenges for each client.

    Fee Structure

    • From £200 per hour

    • Bespoke packages created on request

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