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Anna Hewitt

Anna Hewitt

I’m here to get you the confidence and career clarity you crave.

Location: Oxfordshire

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise


"Working with Anna has been transformational for me. She immediately held a safe space for me to work through my career challenges and I was able to work through my thoughts with support and encouragement and without judgement. Working with Anna has led me to take action within my career to help me move towards my goals but more importantly has increased my self-belief to a level that I haven’t reached for years. I now know that my goals are within reach and I am more than capable of achieving them. I can’t thank Anna enough, she’s pretty amazing!"

Laura, Head of Support

"I started working with Anna only a couple of months ago, at a time when I felt very lost in my career. Anna has helped me immeasurably. She has helped me determine the next steps in my career and reframe the stories I have been telling myself. However, Anna’s impact has gone way beyond helping with my career - it has enabled me to trust my decision-making and build my confidence, which has had a positive effect on all areas of my life. I can’t thank her enough."

Trish, wanting support with a career transition

"The coaching sessions I have had with Anna have given me a much greater understanding of my strengths which in turn has increased my confidence and self-belief. Through our sessions, my approach to change and new opportunities has been completely transformed and I no longer ‘fear the fear’ but instead embrace it as one of the stepping stones towards growth and fulfilling my potential. Without Anna’s insightful, patient, non-judgemental coaching style,I don’t believe that I would have arrived at this incredibly liberating shift in mindset and so I would strongly recommend working with Anna to anyone, especially if you think you have been stuck in your comfort zone for a little too long!"

Rachel, preparation for internal promotion

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • EMCC Accredited Coach (Pending)
    • ILM Diploma in Senior and Executive Level Coaching & Mentoring
    • Myers Briggs Practitioner
    • Firo B Personality Assessment Practitioner

    Professional Background

    Throughout my 20-year career, I have had not one but two pivots with a few squiggles along the way. There has however always been a golden thread to help others be successful, whether this was in my early career working as part of a training team or more recently in my previous role as an HR Director for a marketing agency.

    My career started working for The Myers Briggs Company where I discovered my passion for learning, personal development and understanding how to unlock potential in organisations and people. I worked as part of the sales and marketing team and was lucky enough to undertake a suite of training in personality assessment during my time there.

    I took my passion for unlocking potential and joined a growing marketing agency in an HR leadership role. During my time there, the company grew significantly and I was promoted to the Group Head of People, responsible for Europe, USA and APAC. During this time, I had my two daughters and navigated maternity leave, returning and the childcare/ working juggle whilst in a senior role. It was a learning curve for sure but I found a way partly down to having coaching myself during that time and the wonderful team I had around me.

    From there, I took a Chief People Officer role for a larger marketing agency. I spent two years there coaching the leadership team, building out the culture and supporting the growth of the business.

    I left that role in 2020, looking to shape my career around my strengths and values, and set up my coaching business Steps Into Strides. I now work with individuals, leaders and organisations as a coach, facilitator and organisatational development consultant.

    What drew you to coaching?

    The power of coaching has always been a constant in my career. I had a coach early in my career, when I returned from maternity leave after my second child and when I decided to leave my corporate role and set up Steps Into Strides.

    It’s the place I go to as a coachee to learn about myself, get clarity, build self-trust and take action towards my goals.

    When I left my corporate role, I decided I wanted something more – something better and more balanced, where I could really play to my strengths for developing talent, working with people and helping them find meaning in their work.

    And so Steps Into Strides was born. I now get the opportunity to coach ambitious people to find joy in their careers – whether that’s helping them take the leap to entrepreneurship, pivot careers or simply find more purpose in their role right now.

    And for that, I am truly grateful!

    Fee Structure

    Step It Up Career Coaching
    Three months of coaching and support for those at a career crossroads
    Payment plan available: 3 x £500 instalments

    Find Your Stride Leadership Coaching
    A six-month package for purpose-led senior leaders and founders

    Career Kickstarter
    A six-week group programme to fast-track you from career crossroads to career clarity
    Prices start from £695

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