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Alice Draper

Alice Draper

Career coach helping women who feel stuck in their career to take back control through work life balance, confidence or career change

Location: London

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


"I had a great experience of career coaching with Alice. It boosted my confidence and gave me a lot of encouragement about what the future might hold for my professional life. I took away some tangible learnings which I have already started to put into practice, and am looking forward with renewed positivity about what my next role might be."

Katie, product manager

"The sessions gave me a lot of clarity in realising the extent of how my priorities have changed, especially now I am a mum. As well as helping me think about applying myself to a future role in a company, Alice was also a great mentor in giving me the confidence I needed to move forward with starting up my own business, which I am now looking to do full time."

Lotte, small business owner

"I feel so much more confident in who I am and my skills and abilities as a person. I know now when I go for a job interview, I will be confident in my skill sets and not get imposter syndrome."

Emmy, trust manager

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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Accredited Coaching Competency Training of the Association for Coaching, Career Counselling Services

    Professional Background

    Prior to becoming a career coach, I worked in head office retail for 13 years specifically as a merchandiser. I worked on beauty, fashion and homeware departments responsible for making sure the business had the optimum amount of stock to be profitable. I worked with big brands like Estée Lauder, Charlotte Tilbury and Ralph Lauren, as well as Far East suppliers. I often presented exciting launches to the board and negotiated big buys with the brands and suppliers.

    In my role, I managed, developed and coached teams of people and it was always one of the parts of the job I loved. One of my greatest achievements was coaching my team to successful promotions and seeing them thrive in their new roles. It was only when coming back from my first maternity leave that I realised this was so important to me. My role had changed as I was now working closer with IT to set up new systems, instead of having a team of people. I really missed coaching and developing people and that was when I knew I needed to change my career.

    I was on my second maternity leave when I was made redundant and that was the shock I needed to pursue another career. I actually worked with a career coach myself and coaching was the theme that kept coming up again and again. I also wanted flexibility, as in my previous job I was very used to excusing myself from meetings early and running to my daughter’s nursery. I desperately wanted to have a little more control. The career coach helped me realise my potential and pinpoint exactly what I wanted out of a career.

    I finished my accredited career coach training at the beginning of 2021 and set up my business, In A Pickle Careers, straight after that. Now I have control over when I work (no more rushed school/ nursery pick-ups most of the time!) and absolutely love what I do.

    What drew you to coaching?

    In 2014, in my previous career I did a leadership course. One of the main things I learnt on the course was the art of coaching and since then I have been so passionate about it. I really do see a big difference when someone is being coached. From coaching my team as a manager to being a career coach, seeing that transformation and helping others break through whatever is blocking them makes my job amazing.

    I am passionate about gender equality in the workplace so coaching women to be confident and empowered in their careers is important to me.

    My main ethos is to be happy in your career. We spend so much time doing it, thinking about it, sometimes dreading, it we may as well be doing something that is in line with what makes us thrive and what makes us content.

    Fee Structure

    Career Change programme 7 x 1hr sessions – £599

    Career Progression programme 7 x 1hr sessions – £599

    Back to Work programme 5-6 x 1hr sessions – from £499

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