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Alice Chepeau

Alice Chepeau

I help moms raise happy children while pursuing a life that fulfils them so they can show up at their best without sacrifice, guilt or overwhelm.

Location: Donabate, Ireland

Year Qualified: 2021

Areas of Expertise


Jackie saw an advertisement for "Overcoming Overwhelm workshop" in Donabate and the words just hit her!  That was the moment she realised she was suffering from overwhelm and needed to get help! Before working with me she had 2 tough years trying to manage 2 companies through the pandemic and still wasn't out the other side. She totally lost herself in her work. She had put everything and everyone else ahead of herself. Her health was suffering both mentally and physically. Her relationships were suffering. Her home was suffering because she couldn't get my her together enough to tidy it and clean it and all this just piled up and she was completely overwhelmed with everything to the point that she couldn't think straight. Every day was a battle trying to keep on top of things and her head above water. She was exhausted!! I made her value herself when it came to her work and clients. I helped her take back control of her life and guided & encouraged her to take action. After sessions with me she was fired up and took action that same day because she wanted better for herself and so did I.  She is now giving time to every part of her life and feel happier than she has in so long! She has her energy back to get things done. It's not just work work work anymore. I allowed her to spot the habits that were not good for her helped her find solutions. Her life changed for the better.


Before Isobel started coaching, she had very negative self-talk which she wasn't even fully aware of. She was holding herself to an impossible and unachievable standard - in her career, as well as as a parent. She had talked herselg into a box, and could not see outside of it. After coaching with me, she became a lot more relaxed and certain of herself. She realised now there is so much she cannot control, but, in doing so, she can see what she can control, and make the best of any situation. She originally undertook coaching to help her to boost her career after having her first child, but, during the process, she realized she actually needed to work on her. She now has something which is worth much more than what money can buy, which is peace of mind. She feels she is in a much better place to handle life's challenges and to embark on new projects and adventures.


Coaching helped Emma restore some of my long-lost confidence as well as the long-lost relationship she had with myself. She wasn’t sure what to expect prior to starting work with me, but I opened her eyes to a number of techniques and practices that were either new, or she had not fully understood. I helped her to see her frustration and anger as a long lost friend that is there to help if she can listen and channel in the right way. I also helped her to see that she doesn't have to achieve everything at once – it’s important to take one step at a time, and things will happen.   Through my supportive and calming style – I never made her feel as though anything she says is “silly” or “wrong”. Having gone through this myself, Emma appreciated my authenticity, which further embeds everything I helped her to work through.


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    Coaching Qualifications

    • Certified Mastery Method Coach from Institute from Coaching Mastery
    • Blue Core Coaching Badge (internal corporate recognition)
    • Core Coaching Co-Facilitator Badge (internal corporate recognition)
    • Mindfulness Champion at work Certificate
    • Certified Gentlebirth Instructor
    • Ireland Mental Health First Aider at work

    Professional Background

    I worked in sales since I graduated in 2008 – Mostly in IT industry but I also sold washable nappies for the German and Austrian market for a year.

    I moved from a sales role to a project executive, had my first baby. After my second baby I moved to HR (still in the IT Industry). I chose HR for the people relation aspect and also for the lower level of responsibilities and stress so I could be a more present mom.

    I discovered coaching in my company in 2018 when I graduated from the internal coaching program. As of today, I am a co-faciliator and a coaching advocate at work.

    What drew you to coaching?

    Following my first burnout in 2013/2014, I became interested in natural way of healing (food, herbal medicine, alternative therapies, mindset).

    In 2017 I trained for a year to become a sport & holistic massage therapist.

    I opened my massage business while my son was 10 months old and working full time.

    At work, in 2019 I trained as a coach and this was my first encounter with coaching.

    When Covid hit, I became pregnant again and I trained as a gentlebirth instructor. I always wanted to be able to offer to other the great things that I learned for myself.

    A coach told me to consider doing coaching for moms as I had a real passion and that’s when I signed up for a year long coaching certification in 2021.

    I love witnessing changes in my clients. I love feeling responsible to make them happier.

    When working with me, you can expect honest and direct feedback. I am giving as much time and judgement-free space my client need and follow my instinct throughout the session to make sure I stay present with what is.

    During my sessions, I focus on mindset and emotional leadership because I believe they are the backbones of positive change.

    Fee Structure

    I support my clients in a variety of ways to suit different budgets and circumstances.


    Take the First Step towards a More Balanced and Fulfilling Life

    During our session, we’ll uncover your unique needs and explore ways to help you become more balanced, fulfilled, and resilient as a mom. You’ll leave the call with practical tips and strategies you can implement right away to improve your emotional wellbeing.

    Price : 170Euros


    An immersive and empowering 4-week 1:1 mentoring program for mums who need a quick boost in one specific aspect of their life.

    Wherever you are in your career, you might need a little boost, a bit of advice or someone to ask questions to, so that you can become successful as quickly as possible.

    Together we will bounce back ideas, share perspective and find solution or create a plan of actions.

    Price : 900Euros (including 4 weeks voice and email support)


    An intensive 1:1 hybrid coaching and mentorship experience for mums on their journey to balance and fulfilment.

    For any moms, no matter their journey and stages in life. Over 4 months, you’ll be empowered to create a fulfilling life without compromise, be confident about your parenting and start living with excitement and peace of mind.

    After this program, you’ll be so clear, excited and empowered that you will look forward to the future and never look back.

    Price : 2,500euros (including 4 months voice and email support)

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