Charlotte Ranchhod

Empowering women and young people to get unstuck from self doubt and breakthrough their inner critic to gain clarity, confidence and compassion to thrive in all areas of life.

Location: Bristol

Year Qualified: 2022

Areas of Expertise

  • Career change

  • Returning to work

  • Confidence & imposter syndrome

  • Clarity of direction & goal setting

  • Life coaching

  • Emotional and well-being

  • Compassion & resilience

Coaching Qualifications

  • Life coach, international authority and professional coaching and mentoring 

  • BSc Hons occupational therapist (health and care professionals council)

  • Post grad diploma cognitive behavioural therapist (british association for behavioural and cognitive psychotherapies)


"I feel so motivated after my sessions with Charlie and cannot wait for the next one to happen when it ends.  Through exploring what’s on my mind - my visions and my challenges - I have unearthed practises that now form part of my new routine and my long term plan. It’s helpful to talk through different things but also Charlie asked questions that I've not thought about before to help my own journey of discovery. Now I'll be thinking a bit deeper into them in the future. I feel more confident about balancing work and home life."

Nicola, worldwide transport manager

"Charlie is such a fantastic coach and I deeply value all the time she has spent helping me achieve my goals - she really has changed my life which I am forever grateful for! From the support Charlie gave me, I was able to start daily healthy habits which was important for me as a mum. I had beliefs that it was not possible to look after me too and put myself to the bottom of the pile. Once I started to challenging my beliefs around this and saw that I could look after me too, then the whole family benefitted. Charlie is kind and compassionate and took the time to work with me on what I wanted. I did not think that I could succeed but with accountability alongside I now am a different person. I have learnt different skills and Charlie took me on a journey of self discovery."

Taylar, mum of two

"Charlie really helped me to assess my current values and helped me align with these. I had forgotten my strengths and exploring these and what got in the way helped me to see I can be a mum and more and how to harmonise these working together. Charlie helped me to reignite a spark within."


Annie, head teacher

Professional Background

I have worked in the NHS for 18 years as I am passionate about helping people. I specialised in mental health, working as an occupational therapist in forensic services for adults and teenagers.

This helped me to develop a deep understanding around helping people to develop their roles, interests, communication skills, motivation and healthy habits in order to to help people thrive beyond illness.

I became extremely passionate about early intervention and specialised in working with children and adolescents, and people with a first episode of psychosis. From here, I trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and have been accredited for seven years.

I love the work that I do because it is rewarding supporting people with their lives over a period of time and watching them grow to overcome their challenges to be able to function in life and to become stable in their mental and emotional wellbeing.

I have also done some health coaching and over the pandemic I started to become more interested in coaching overall.

What Drew You To Coaching?

Oh the pandemic - it changed a lot for so many people. I embarked on a new role of health coaching and for me this was a game changer. I also started to receive coaching myself and committed to personal development daily. This was hard but liberating to see how much you could grow mentally and to become more resilient.

As a mum, we change so much in our identity and I struggled with the loss of my old self, finding my way as a mum and then returning to work. So many transitions and emotions; not to mention those limiting beliefs.

I am not good enough. I will fail.

I also married into a different culture and this had brought differing views on how to parent and the role of the mum. So navigating these, such as the expectation of being a stay at home mum when I wanted to return to workm has given me understanding of different social and cultural pressures.

This led me to life coaching so that I could utilise the skills from all of my previous experience in the NHS and develop new ones. I felt this sense of wanting to pay forward and empower other mums to silence their inner critic so that they could break through their self doubt and embrace all that they want to be and feel self assured in themselves.

I also offer coaching to teenagers and young people as again its a turbulent time and key to learn emotional wellbeing.

Fee Structure

Packages are bespoke to the individual 

  • Three month programme of six sessions £850

  • Six month programme of 12 sessions £1,499


Both include email support and check-ins on the weeks there is no coaching.
Payment plans are available.

I also offer a 90-minute breakthrough strategy session for £190.

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