Victoria Tudor-Thomas

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I have had a varied career. In my twenties I joined the graduate leadership scheme at a FTSE 100 company; it was high pressure however my sense of humour stood me in good stead to succeed. The ability to draw out a laugh and be a bit playful helped me find some common ground and establish strong relationships in an unlikely place.

This FTSE 100 company was where I trained to become a coach and got my first experience of coaching professionally. I found my voice and realised that for me the best coaching feels like a great conversation. I now have my own business and also am a founding Director of @themakings.

I work with passionate and creatively minded professionals who are going through, or want to start a transition in the workplace, and often we work on their life as well. I believe that work and a wider life perspective have to work together in balance.

Many of the women I work with are mums who are leaders and have aspirations to progress in their careers. In this session, we will be considering how to lead as a mum in 2021.

Why listen to me?

You need a coach who you have affinity with - in the coaching world this is called ‘chemistry’. So, if you are looking for a coach who is naturally energetic, challenges with empathy and is creative, you’ve found me! I will listen; you hold the answers and resources within you and my job is to create and hold the space for you to experiment, learn and gather insight. I will give you the permission to dream when times are tough. When you leave our coaching sessions you will have higher energy and greater clarity on how to move forward enabling you to live with purpose.

My first experience of coaching was over ten years ago. I went to coaching wanting to know what the next step in my career was going to be and I thought I was going to come away with the answer. Luckily that was not what happened at all! I realised that actually what I needed was the space to think and untangle my thoughts. As I spent more time with my coach I realised it was coaching that was helping me move forward at my pace. The tools and techniques helped me understand myself, my core values, my strengths, and it has really contributed to my success to date. I love helping others move forward in the same way coaching has helped me.