As a mum it is likely you are juggling a number of things, and feeling the pressure and expectation of doing so. The lists and mental load of everything you are expected to balance are vast.


Time is perhaps your most valuable commodity. Yet you may be wasting it procrastinating or on things that aren’t important.


How nice would it be to know exactly where to start?

What difference would it make to you to use your time and energy on what is ACTUALLY important?


Here are 5 ways you can help change your busy brain and overwhelming to-do list in an organised and productive plan of action


1.Determining Value


There are lots of methods to help you determine this. One of my favourites is the Urgent/Important Matrix, I have included this tool for you to try out. It is quick, shows you visually where to start on your long to-do list and can be a complete game-changer once you discover it!


Download Urgent/ Important Matrix 


2. Reducing Time Expenditure


You can spend your time in 2 ways; as a time investment or a time expenditure. Decide which of your tasks are an investment, taking you closer towards your goals and values; and which are time expenditures, things that may be required to be done, but ultimately do not move you forward or any closer towards your goals. Reduce your time expenditures and up your tasks each day that are time investments.


3. Complete the most difficult task first


There are so many positive reasons to start your day with the most difficult task, including:

  • You tend to have more energy at the start of the day
  • You won’t have the hardest task looming over you and causing a distraction or anxiety
  • Completing the most difficult first will set you up with a positive mindset to accomplish more


4. Start with intention


What is the desired goal, outcome or project for the week? Start with intention and once you know what this is, work backwards and establish exactly which tasks need to be completed to make that happen. They are your priorities, focus on them first.


5. Scrap your never-ending to-do list


Break it down into 3 smaller lists; a ‘have-to-do today’, a ‘would-be nice-to-do today’ and an ‘it can wait’ list. (Be realistic and honest about which lists your tasks sit on for that day)


Without knowing how to prioritize our responsibilities we can become stressed, overwhelmed and anxious.

In fact, a 2019 study by Smart TMS of 2000 working mums found that 34% had ‘unmanageable levels’ of anxiety and stress due to the pressure caused by a job and taking care of children, so anything that can help to prioritize and organise our mental load is well worth it.


Choose one of these methods and give it a try this week. What difference will it make to your productivity or how stressed or overwhelmed you feel?


This article was written by Vicky Harrison, a qualified and accredited coach and NLP practitioner. Vicky qualified and set up her business with two children under two years old and believes mindset, balance and practical strategies are all key components to thrive as a busy, ambitious mum. You can get in touch with Vicky at