It’s been three years since I got told I wasn’t successful in the redundancy consultation period. In those days afterwards I experienced shock, anger, frustration and low confidence.


But all these emotions helped me move forward and do something about my career (with maybe only a few weeks of burying my head in the sand!).

Here are some of the things that helped me through and that I often use to help my clients going through redundancy too.


Tip 1: Check your rights


Don’t assume your company knows want they are doing. You can check your redundancy rights on or citizens advice. If you need any advice, Acas or charities like Pregnant Then Screwed

are brilliant. I have used them both for advice.

Tip 2: Don’t take it personally


Although it can be tempting to blame yourself for being made redundant and sometimes companies can even claim you haven’t made the cut, there are many other deciding factors out of your control you are not aware of.


Tip 3: Think back to you at your best


Confidence can often get knocked. A quick confidence boosting tip is to think about a time you were at your best. What were you doing? What environment were you in? Was it because you were utilising particular strengths? All the details of your memory should be evidence of how great you are.


Tip 4: Take time to reflect


Your first move may be to update your CV and apply to a similar role in a similar company but before you do that have a think about what worked in your previous position and what didn’t work. Taking the time to reflect may help with deciding where to go next.


Tip 5: Make a plan


Based on your reflection time, make a plan of what you want in your next job. More balance? Making more of a difference? Different responsibilities? If you have a clear plan and can communicate it, you will stand out and also end up with a job you love.


Alice Draper is a licensed career coach and maternity coach. Her back to work programme which includes a mixture of career and maternity coaching is designed to help you go back to work after maternity leave or a career break feeling confident and considering your career now you are a mother.

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