It’s December, it’s party season, and it’s in real life rather than online. That’s such great feel-good news for us all.

Now the perceived wisdom is that searching for an assignment, or a role, is impossible in December. But I’ve got some news for you… December is a fabulous time to start your assignment or job search.


Here’s ten good reasons why…


1. End-of-year budgets


Occasionally, large companies find that they have monies left over at the end of the year, which have been allocated to headcount. Hence, they need to get someone into the business quickly to secure the budget.


2. Get ahead of the competition


December is a great time to get ahead of the competition. Headhunters and recruiters are less busy and more relaxed as clients move into party season and are much easier to approach and connect with. And other candidates won’t be connecting with companies until early January. You’ll have all the jobs to yourself!

3. Deadline looming


In September or October, a role which starts at the beginning of January next year seems a long way off. When you get to December, you realise how few working days you have to get someone in place. You start moving very quickly and look at talent more laterally or bring in an interim. So, any direct approaches will have more impact, and individuals are more likely to be considered


4. Time to think


Between Christmas and New Year is a great time to be in the office, and there are few interruptions. You can think more clearly about talent and the needs of the business. An intelligent approach with a “How I can help your business” pitch or a cover letter may be noticed more easily, particularly when others are on holiday, which causes gaps in the team

5. Short of resources


Project resources can be thin on the ground in the festive season, so you may need to bring extra resources in to ensure the project happens on time

6. Front of the queue


Recruiting managers and hirers find it challenging to get hold of individuals at this time of year. So if they can get hold of you, you may go to the front of the queue.


7. Great time for networking


Networking is one of the best ways to find a job before it is advertised or on the market. Christmas is an excellent time to pick up the phone, write a card or ask someone for a coffee. Also, there are many events where you can network. Plus, don’t forget about letting friends and family know you are looking for a role.


8. New Year, new career


Many individuals might be thinking of changing their careers in the New Year. So, they might consider you to fill their shoes, meaning they don’t leave their organisation with a gap.


9. Positivity


Generally, there is a positive and happy vibe in the air, so employers are likely to take your call or read your emails with festive cheer.

10. Surprise projects


New and exciting projects often kick off in January, and sometimes managers start the recruitment process early. If you are available and can do the job, problem solved.

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